Jason Kander, Missouri Secretary of State, led the Democratic challenge to the U.S. Republican senator, Roy Blunt, and criticized Blunt for his long political career. He asserted that it was time for new generation leaders in the U.S. capital.

Kander who served in Afghanistan as an army captain stressed upon his military experiences, and announced his candidature for the U.S. Senate in the year 2016 through an online video He criticized Blunt, and labeled him as a man who had been on the extreme on many issues. He at 33 will, if elected, become one of the youngest senators in the U.S., and he considered it as an advantage over his opponent. Referring to Roy Blunt, he added that he had been a senator for around 20 years and had held responsible posts one after another for about 40 years, and so, he had been a part of all the problems Missouri was afflicted with. Kander believed that it was time for younger generation to deal with unprecedented threats and challenges to the country as they were committed and dedicated to the cause of the nation.

Kander, before being elected as secretary of state in the year 2012, served for four years in Missouri House. He served in Army for eight years, and added that he was motivated to join politics after the terrorist attack of September 2001. He served as an Intelligence Officer in Army, and volunteered to serve in Afghanistan in 2006. The announcement of his candidature was filmed at a passenger waiting area of the Kansas City airport from where he set out for Afghanistan.

Obama’s health care law came for discussion between the two opponents. While Blunt had demanded repealing and replacement of the health law, Kander expressed that the law needed to be improved and implemented. The latter demanded cheaper health insurance plans for the people through a federal website, and those employed in the implementation of health care laws should be allowed to work for long hours to cope with the work load. He criticized Obama for his issuing of an executive order to shield over 4 million immigrants residing in the U.S illegally.