Jeb Bush, the earlier Governor of Florida, isn’t interested to en-light more on the issue of Iran and Afganistan war which has been started upon his brother’s supervision. On last Friday, while he was asked about how he will deal with such controversial issue, he replied, “I am not interested of talking about the past. Rather I would like to talk about the future. If I get the opportunity to rule, then I will try to create a set of notions and principles that will drive us in forward direction. It’s not like refocusing of something from the past.”

Jeb Bush Not Interested in Discussing His Brother’s War DecisionThe ex-governor is quite certain that he will win the race of 2016, mentioned that he would like to move on with some positive attitude towards the country for future development. He will elaborate all the points about his vision when he will deliver his speech in Chicago next week. It will be quite unusual if Jeb can avoid this topic. Democrats have already started addressing this issue as because of his brother’s decision, US army has to stay in the Middle East more than a decade time span.

On Last Friday, Bush has mentioned that he would like to specify about the recent threats of America in his next week speech, like how to deal with the rise of the Islamic State. He has further mentioned that they have some bigger issues about the role of America towards security and safety, not only internally, but also they can act as a good piece of example for the entire world.