Jihadi John, currently the most wanted man in the world, attended the Quintin Kynaston Academy in North West London when he was younger. The headteacher at the school at that time, Jo Shuter, has spoken out about the issues that Emwazi faced, such as bullying and isolation.

Shuter spoke out about her former pupil on BBC Radio 4’s Today show, where she told listeners that Jihadi John was quite a hard working student who was quiet and did not have many friends. The staff at the school had to intervene in the past because of the bullying that Emwazi frequently experienced. Due to the fact that he was the eldest amongst all of his siblings, he had many responsibilities at home, and this was evident by time that Emwazi reached the sixth form, as he was focussed and aspirational. He worked hard at his classes and went on to attend his chosen university. Shuter left the school in 2013, after she was found guilty of using school funds ‘inappropriately’. She denied having any idea about the radicalisation that was occurring at her school.

Another former teacher at the school, who wished to remain anonymous, previously revealed that whilst Emwazi was attending the school, he had to receive anger management therapy. The teacher, who spoke out to BBC’s Newsnight, also let it be known that Emwazi had issues when it came to controlling his emotions, and was involved in several fights during his first year at school.