Students discovered the hanging body of Jillian Jacobson, a 31 year old teacher in her classroom last Monday. She used to teach photography and committed suicide by hanging herself at the El Dorado High School premise in Placentia, Southern California.

Students were eagerly waiting outside her classroom to get them and another faculty member inside which resulted in the discovery of her dead body. The body of Jillian was taken down immediately and paramedics were called at around 8: 40 am on Monday. However, Jillian Jacobson was reported to be dead on sight.

Jillian Jacobson - California Teacher Committed Suicide in her ClassroomAccording to the police authority, there were no evidences of suspicious activity related to foul play at the point of the suicide.

The school administrators and higher officials all assembled inside the school gymnasium at around 11 am Monday and informed everyone officially about the death of Ms Jacobson. The activities of the rest of the day were dismissed according to the CBS Los Angeles.

The counsellors and faculty members are expected to continue operations on the campus despite the death. Several students have twitted about this incident which include tweet from Danielle Starr a student, thanking his teacher for giving them a good time.