David Cameron has announced new plans to abolish the current jobseeker’s allowance, and introduce a Youth Allowance instead. This new scheme, called the Community Work Programme, will mean that young people who are currently not in education and unemployed, will be required to take on unpaid work if they want to continue to receive benefits.

This scheme will affect those aged between 18-21, requiring them to undertake 30 hours of community work a week, as well as spending at least 10 hours searching for a new job. The community work could involve a variety of different tasks, from working for a number of charities to helping prepare meals for the elderly.

David Cameron states that this new plan will benefit those youths who are having a hard time finding a job. It will give them the necessary experience needed for employment by many companies, and will also keep them active, and, more importantly, off the streets. The order and disciplines of turning up for work every day, as well as the responsibilities they will face, will prepare them for full-time employment.

Research has proven that work placements are a great tool when it comes to helping people move off benefits and become independent, but the scheme has come under attack by other political parties. A Liberal Democrat spokesperson has spoken disdainfully of Cameron’s new plans, claiming that it will only seem like a punishment and will not end up helping and supporting young unemployed people, which is what they really need.