Since today, the new book “Designed by Apple in California” is available on the Apple Online Store and in selected Apple stores. In 450 pictures, the reader gets an insight into the design history of Apple.

Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive already talked about the new work and explained that the book is an objective representation of his own work. Now, in an interview with Wallpaper, he gives an insight into the origins of the photo book.

The Apple catalog

In the interview, Apple’s chief designer tells how painfully the Apple Design team missed an illustrated collection of their previous works. So a catalog had to come, eight years later, we can now hold this special Apple catalog in our own hands.

For this long-ripened picture tape not only the current devices should find a place but also their predecessors, completely detached from a contemporary context. In order to be able to present the development history to this extent, the team had to purchase numerous devices from collectors since Apple’s library had not been a high priority in the past.

Jony Ive talks about Designed by Apple in California

The hardware book

“Designed by Apple in California” is not just a book in the hardware, but it is also a piece of high-quality hardware. For the photo book was printed on specially made, specially ground paper with silver adornments.

As Jony Ive praises in the interview, all the recordings were photographed by photographer Andrew Zuckerman, just before the end of the production, with a current phototechnology to get the best possible results.

Behind the book is therefore a lot of work, he hopes that this particular book will soon be visible at all major design universities and is used as a good example of design.

Price & Availability

“Designed by Apple in California” is available in small format (26 x 32.4 cm) for 199 euros and in large format (33 x 41.3 cm) for 299 euros. Sales are through the Apple Online Store as well as in selected Apple retail stores.