Three judges have been removed from office, with a fourth one choosing to resign, after allegations had been made that the judges had watched pornography on court computers. The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office released a statement saying that Lord Thomas of Cwygiedd, the Lord Chief Justice, and Chris Grayling, the Lord Chief Justice, had investigated into the allegations against the four judges. The investigation concluded with the fact that the behaviour of the judges was unacceptable, and it was even more inexcusable that they used equipment belonging to the court for this.

A spokesperson has confirmed that the material that was viewed was not illegal in any way, and did not include any child pornography. However, they have failed to disclose whether or not the pornography had been viewed during court cases whilst the judges were sitting on the bench. Although the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice were satisfied that there was not any illegal material that had been viewed, it is still an extreme case of misuse of judicial IT accounts, and is behaviour that is totally unacceptable when coming from a judicial office holder.

The judges that were removed from office were District Judge Timothy Bowles, Deputy District Judge and Recorder Peter Bullock and Immigration Judge Warren Grant. The fourth judge, Recorder Andrew Maw, was also found to have watched pornography using his judicial IT account, and if he had not chosen to resign, he would have also been removed from office.