“Jurassic World” a mega-hit was Colin Trevorrow, and that could give him a new franchise now. He is supposedly already been committed as a Director for “Star Wars 9”.

The Insider by Heroic Hollywood, which had some true exclusive releases in the past, reports Colin Trevorrow after mega success was already engaged with “Jurassic World” as a Director for “Star Wars 9”.

The thing was absolutely certain books and at the big ‘Star Wars’ presentation at the comic-con in San Diego on today 10 July 2015 (at night on the 11 July 2015 BST) Trevorrow will already officially presented on stage by Disney, and Lucasfilm.
Jurassic World Director will take over Star Wars 9

Thus the Director-trio for the trilogy would be complete. J.J. Abrams making known “Star Wars 7: Awakening the power of” and Rian Johnson is on board for “Star Wars 8”. So far, the “Looper” Director was also a candidate for “Star Wars 9”.

It is not the first time that Colin Trevorrow is associated with “Star Wars”, by the way. He was considered as a candidate for “Star Wars 7” and as the personal dream cast by George Lucas. Disney was at that time but seemingly too uncertain whether you should put the reboot of the mega-franchise an absolute newcomer from the indie film sector in the hands. Trevorrow was also immediately denied the rumors, and pointed out that he has rather a different franchise in sight. This was confirmed also when he was announced as “Jurassic World” Director shortly thereafter. And there, he proved that he can press a blockbuster. He will not return for “Jurassic Park 5”, it would also definitely free for ‘Star Wars 9’, which will be released in 2019. The schedule give also ample opportunity to insert a small project, which he recently already announced to do first. We’ll learn more soon…