The singer canceled his tour unexpectedly without revealing the reasons why

The news that Justin Bieber had canceled the rest of his “Purpose” tour, when he still had to offer fourteen concerts in several countries in Asia and North America, left his fans with a sense of disappointment and bewilderment, especially since the explanations offered by the singer to justify his decision – citing “unforeseen circumstances” – were too vague.

Louis Tomlinson criticizes Justin Bieber after canceling tour

Now his manager and discoverer, Scooter Braun, has confirmed what many have feared: that there were other reasons that led the Canadian to leave the stage, which he was not prepared to speak publicly at the time.

Justin Bieber to reveal truth about decision to cancel concerts

“Look, I think he’ll decide to tell people exactly what happened when he’s ready. But personally I think he made that decision to protect himself, as he himself said. He is already 23, and must make decisions as a man, as long as he remains willing to value the opinions of others and listen to those around him. But when he feels he has to do something, I’m always willing to support him, “says Braun in conversation with CBS’s” This Morning. ”

The interruption of the youth idol’s tour generated a great division among his musical industry partners: while some like John Mayer sent him all his support, reminding his followers how important it is to “know to stop in time” when the body signals of fatigue, others like Louis Tomlinson thought that when organizing such a show any artist would undertake to fulfill its obligations unless there was a situation of force majeure, implying that this had not been the case of Justin Bieber .