West Virginia coach, Bob Huggins, collected his players only eight seconds from the close on Monday night’s game. He must have counseled players the strategy of the play during the last few seconds. The instructions might have been about the passing of ball to Juwan Staten, and providing him enough space to maneuver by getting out of his way. Staten overcame exhaustion and cramps to provide West Virginia a 62-61 upset victory over eighth ranked Kansas with coast to coast drive that must have been a non-forgettable experience to spectators at the VVVU  Coliseum. One the dead run, he, the senior point guard, caught an inbound pass,  surged forward in the midst of a posse of defense, spun to hoodwink Frank Mason, and surprisingly found the paint almost bereft of defenders. Under the circumstances, all that he had to do was just to lay the ball off the glass.Juwan Staten Spins the Game to Upset Kansas

Kansas fans may complain against spin move of Staten which needed too many steps, but Jayhawks have no excuse for their act of protecting the rim and stopping the ball. The foray to the rim by Staten could not be blocked by the forward Perry Ellis who committed the biggest mistake. Kansas had the opportunity as they had still 3.2 seconds left to score after Staten’s brilliant performance. Jayhawks almost did that for Kansas.

Badly engrossed in the bedlam, West Virginia pulled off a spectacular win at the end. The season of seven games for West Virginia include two each against Kansas and Oklohoma, and one game each with Lowa State, Baylor, and Texas that are all NCAA teams of the tournament.