John Kerry, the Secretary of State of America, air dashed to Switzerland for a meeting with Mohammad Javed Zarif, Iranian foreign minister, to arrive at an agreement on the nuclear issue. His eagerness and initiatives for the agreement with Iran have become the talking point worldwide especially in Israel which is dead against the deal between the two on the issue.

With the deadline fast approaching, the most divisive and significant international agreement between the US and Iran will be a milestone in the annals of the nuclear history of the US. The driving force in talks between the US and Iran on the nuclear programme of Iran, has been John Kerry. His unending negotiating efforts and eagerness to meet Zarif time and again have attracted world attention, and become a point of debate. Whether Iran is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapon capabilities, is the most contentious issue faced by the West.

Kerry Relentlessly Try to Come to an Agreement with Iran on Nuclear Issue

Nevertheless, Kerry has invested a great deal of time and energy for the talks, and his personal approach has made it decisive. A senior fellow at the Council on Foreign relations and former state department expert, Ray Takeyh, has said that Kerry’s inordinate attention on the issue gives the impression of the US being more interested in reaching an agreement than Iran. John Kerry had earlier threatened to abandon talks, if Iran did not relent. However, the threat was not taken seriously by Iranians. His meeting with the Iranian on Monday in the Swiss town of Montreux will be his eighth during this year. The present scheduled meeting is being held after meetings in Munich, Geneva, Paris, and Davos in Switzerland. In each of these meetings, John and Javed as they preferred to call each other had one-on-one meeting leaving behind the negotiating teams of both sides.

The much publicized agreement on nuclear programme of Iran would be an epoch making event in relations between America and Iran. The US has long been trying to restrain Iran from making nuclear weapons, an issue which has been the cause of animosity between the two countries. However, critics apprehend any agreement to just delay Iran becoming nuclear weapon state. On the other hand, Arab countries will be prompted to develop their own nuclear arsenal.

An accord between the US and Iran on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, is likely to be seen as a personal achievement of John Kerry.