The reality television star asked his followers to help the island after the terrible scourge of Hurricane Maria

Kim Kardashian used his social network account Twitter, which has millions of followers to request help for Puerto Rico following the onslaught of Hurricane Maria, while ensuring that she will also make their contribution.

Kim Kardashian asks for help for Puerto Rico with a poignant image

“This photo breaks my heart! I will donate money to Puerto Rico to help them get the food and water they desperately need. Please donate! “, Said the American millionaire in the message accompanied by an aerial image showing a street with the text:” S.O.S. We need water and food. ”

This Wednesday, Hurricane Maria rammed Puerto Rico leaving 3.2 million residents without electricity, water and communications.

So far, the Government has confirmed the death of 16 people, but that figure is expected to be higher.

US President Donald J. Trump has already declared the island a disaster zone, and is expected to allocate federal funds to address the emergency.