Not many of any European royal families are attractive but the British Royals are the lease attractive of them all. Kate is very over rated compared to this woman and a few others. I guess it’s the close ties with England but either way, I don’t understand American media’s fascination with those people.

Felipe is a smart bug. He knows that Spain would never survive another Nationalist (fascist/falangist) dictatorship, and so he has quite rationally looked to the fundamental “social contract” ideas of the Republicans from the Civil War. The only fly in the ointment is that of the neo-falangist nationalists who have taken up the cry of “catalanism is hispanidad” (To me, a callous calling out of Felipe who, as the article notes speaks “catalan.’) to churn the separatist movement in Catalonia in hopes it will give them back another Franco to dictate an authoritarian, right wing, wrong-thinking-will-be-punished social control system. Felipe doesn’t want that—-because it will destroy Spain…’s too late for nationalists in Spain. That day was over in 1975.

And as an aside, and as a nod to how literature can inform a people, I wonder how many who read “La sombra del viento” by Zafron, were motivated to revisit civil war era Barcelona and separatism….

No, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, who arrive in Washington this week for their first official visit — without the frenzied media mob that follows the British monarchy. There are no breathless morning television countdowns, no stakeouts for their trips to Mount Vernon or the White House. They could walk the streets of Georgetown, where he attended graduate school, without turning a single head.

But Spain’s new king and queen are sexier, slightly scandalous, and more interesting than the squeaky-clean Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Felipe was the cherished royal son expected to marry a nice Catholic princess — until he defied his parents for a love match. Letizia is the first Spanish commoner to become queen, a feat even more remarkable when you realize that she was a celebrity journalist with an ex-husband and a live-in boyfriend before meeting her prince.

The couple will meet with Pres

via Can Spain’s monarchy be saved? It’s up to King Felipe VI and his commoner queen. – The Washington Post.