Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Confirmed for May ReleaseNintendo has officially confirmed that their game Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is set to be launched in Europe on the 8th of May, despite many indications and rumours that the launch of the game was being pushed back to the second half of 2015. The game has already been launched in Japan in January, followed by its US launch in February, but Nintendo have not revealed why EU fans of the game have been left to wait until May. The game will also have a different title in Europe, and will be called Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush instead of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

In a way, the game is a sequel to the Nintendo DS game Kirby: Canvas Curse, as it works in a very similar way. Users draw lines on the screen, which Kirby then travels along whilst rolled up into a ball. The game makes use of many strategies linked to physics and logic, as users need to get Kirby from point A to point B without harming him, all with a limited use of Rainbow to paint with.

Nintendo will be including a four player co-op mode with the game, in which other players can take control of other Waddle Dee characters. This move will make many fans of the game extremely happy, as they will be able to play it in multiplayer mode with their friends.

You will also be able to take advantage of Nintendo’s amiibo range, which gives Kirby special powers that he can use during the game, such as extra health, power ups and special attacks.