It is increasingly common to see how neighbors take advantage of the power of our router’s antennas to connect to the Internet using our connection, something relatively simple to do if we use an easy-to-guess password, since there is a lot of program specialized in “breaking passwords” based on testing.

In our new video we talked about this subject and we indicate some techniques that can be used to discover if, indeed, the WiFi is being robbed.

How to know if they are stealing our WiFi network

As you see, there are two main ways: the use of software that alerts us to the list of connected devices and the access to the router to verify whether or not there is such an invasion, the latter being much more complex than the first (mainly if not you are accustomed to the vocabulary of network administrators), but also more powerful, as it is able to analyze the history of connections made in the past.

To end the video we discuss some ways to prevent theft, always taking into account that we are not on the dark side of force, since it is always possible to take advantage of an invader in our network to pay you with the same (or worse) currency .