A 14-year-old Briton knows she will die from cancer. With touching words she convinces a judge of her last wish – and her hope of a return.

Her name is not known, but you know she was 14 years old and her initials were “JS”, and that she is now frozen. JS, a British girl, had gone to court to freeze him after his death, hoping to return to life one day.

In October, the girl in London died of cancer. Now the corpse lies in the USA, kept at temperatures of less than minus 130 degrees, as has now been publicized by a court order. JS had put her thoughts on paper. She was only 14 years old, she wrote, and she did not want to die. But she knew she was going to die soon. In the Internet, she read about a method called “cryonics”, a form of cold conservation. This is only used in Russia and in the USA. The body is cooled immediately after death, the blood is exchanged for a kind of antifreeze. Finally, the body is frozen. The hope: One day the science procedures have evolved to bring the frozen body back to life.

Last Chance of life Minus 130 Degrees

The whole costs around 43,000 euros. The grandparents of the girl spent the money. The parents of JS were divided in the question. The two are divorced. The mother wanted to fulfill the wish of the daughter; The father worried that his daughter might be revived in 200 or 300 years and that she had no relatives and was lost in the new world. The girl then went to court. She wrote a letter to Judge Peter Jackson, “I am only 14 years old, and I do not want to die, but I will die, I believe I am frozen, gives me the opportunity to be cured and resurrected I do not want to be buried in the earth, I want to have that chance, this is my wish. ”

Some hundred people have already been frozen

Judge Jackson visited her. On September 26th, the case came to court, and Jackson gave up the girl’s request. He was very impressed by the clarity of his wish, he said. He found that she had thought it over well and allowed the mother to make the final decision. In turn, her daughter allowed her to make all arrangements for freezing. His father also supported his daughter. After their death in mid-October, a team quickly made all preparations. She was cooled, her blood was drained, the anti-freeze was injected. Her parents said JS died in peace.

Whether or not the cold storage actually opens up a chance to continue living is unclear. Almost all scientists believe that it is not possible to bring a dead body to life. However, there are several hundred people who were allowed to freeze because they had the same hope as the girl JS: the hope of a second life.