Apple’s highly anticipated iPad Pro was meant to be going into production this quarter. However, because of issues involving the supply of the displays for the device, there is now going to be a delay in production, and they will only start being manufactured in September.

Although Apple have not formally announced their new device, which is said to have a screen between 12 and 13 inches, as well as an A8X processor, there have been many leaks related to the product on the internet. At Apple’s press event in October 2014, many people were expecting Apple to unveil a larger version of the iPad which was geared towards more corporate customers. However, Apple did no such thing, and focussed instead on their iPad Air and iPad mini ranges.

Launch of Apple's iPad Pro to be DelayedIn January, a user on China’s social network Weibo, posted a photo of what was rumoured to be the mould of the rear shell for the new device. The photo was supposedly taken at the Foxconn manufacturing factory that produces Apple products for the company. Although the photo is blurred and not very clear, it appears to be legitimate. Since then, there have been other leaks that suggest that the new iPad Pro will be significantly larger than the current iPad Air.

There are also rumours that Apple will be developing a new stylus, which they will be launching and selling along with the iPad Pro. This rumour arose after it was discovered that Apple had been making several patent claims related to stylus components.