LeBron ‘Bronny’ James Jr. being a young basketball standout has already been receiving several offer letters from college coaches – a matter not liked by his father LeBron James.

According to Lebron James, it is a violation since you must not recruit 10 year old kids. While institutions can exploit such opportunities by signing young talents, this is not against the NCAA guidelines. As per the NCAA handbook,  in order to be considered as a prospective student athlete, one must have started classes for the 9th grade. However, if the student has not yet started 9th grade classes, then he will become a prospective student athlete only if the interested institutions gives the student or his relatives any kind of financial benefits or other assistances that is normally not provided to the prospective student in general.

LeBron James gets pissed as his son gets college offersNCAA rules do not prevent any college coaches from monitoring the young players just like James Jr.  Although the name surely played a part, James Jr. is also a talent as seen from the video shared by his father on Twitter. James had never been to college, but jumped to the NBA directly.

There is much speculation going and the school has confirmed that they sent LeBron James Jr. a questionnaire, but did not make any offer as of yet. They have also said that they have no plans to make an offer this early. They did not make it clear though if they are interested in the future or not.