Libya has appealed to the U.N. Security Council to repeal the arms embargo on it to deal effectively with the ever growing menace of ISIS. The appeal came on Wednesday, and was supported by Arab nations led by Egypt. It stopped short of appealing for an international military intervention as the proposal received no favors from other countries.

Mohammed al-Dairi, the Libyan Foreign Minister, appealed for the lifting of arms embargo only a few days after Islamic State militants issued a video depicting the gory incident of beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. The incident provoked Egypt to resort to airstrikes on the militants’ strongholds in Libya. The Foreign Minister added that the onus lies with the international community to support his government in the fight against terrorism which may have wide-ranging repercussions elsewhere in the world including Europe. Not providing Libya with arms and training to its troops will ultimately help the terrorists in their nefarious designs.  Egypt, on the other hand, has requested, in addition to lifting of arms embargo on Libya, for redoubling of efforts to block arms supplies to the terrorist group by the imposition of naval blockade for ports not controlled by the Libyan government. The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, though not in favor of international military intervention, requested for tacit support from nations for such actions like airstrikes against Islamic State. He added that the Council should support military actions of other nations to help a legitimate government of Libya in its fight against the terrorist group.

The Egyptian airstrikes in Libya reveals a complete security collapse in the country, and the struggle for power between the Islamic State and the government has brought the country on the brink of utter confusion and chaos. The chaos in Libya is a boon for Islamic State, and it helps the group to gain more ground. Hence, it is now the moral responsibility of the international community to help Libya fight Islamic State, al-Dairi added.