There is not only one New Year celebration in many Asian countries. A new party starts at February 19 and it welcomes goat, sheep or ram – in other words, any ruminant mountain animal in concordance with the Chinese astrology. Lenny Cheng, an office worker in the Brooklyn branch of the Chinese-American Planning Council, commented: “We personally use ram, because we feel that it is right in the middle between sheep and goat”, but the most important thing is to welcome New Year.

So, how to celebrate Lunar New Year right to gain luck for all the year round?

In China, it takes sixteen days to great New Year. Before the feast, people have to do a thorough clear out which is called “sweeping the dust”. It symbolizes a purification and farewell to the Old Year. But be careful and don’t do your house out during the first two days when the New Year had come as it may put the luck away from you.

Lunar New Year 2015

A huge shopping boom precedes New Year’s Eve. Store shelves are swept without remainder. People buy everything – food, decorations and, of course, presents for every friend and family member. All ornamentations are to be put at New Year’s Eve. It is the old tradition and you can rarely find a person who would decorate a house before this time.

Asian Lunar New Year celebrations are very similar to the western Christmas. People are rejoicing, having a holiday dinner and giving presents. Moreover, you can discover firework flashes in the night sky and may be greeted with good wishes for the New Year.

Many Asian people honor New Year traditions and some of the habits had already seeped into other part of world. Here and there, we can see people who wish luck for the New Year, give little symbolic presents to one another and rejoice in every way.