This is the 15-inch version of the MacBook Pro (2016) from the inside: The experts of iFixit have now also dismantled the large version of the new Apple notebook after the 13-inch version and the procedure documented on their website. The Teardown shows that this device is also hard to repair.

Apparently, there are a few differences to the 13-inch version, the MacBook Pro (2016) in 15 inches exclusive. This includes, in particular, the huge ForceTouch trackpad, which is almost as big as an iPad mini 4. In order to correctly recognize the user’s input, Apple installed a second touch controller under the trackpad. The design of the SSD is such that the hard disk can not be changed by the user himself. There seems to be a connection that leads into the void – perhaps it serves Apple to the data backup, if the Logicboard once abandons its mind.

MacBook Pro 2016

Battery firmly glued

The MacBook Pro of 2016 in 15 inches has the same features as the 13-inch version. This includes, for example, the loudspeakers, which are not located under the loudspeakers. As the conclusion to the Teardown shows, in both versions of the notebook the trackpad is easy to remove.

The MacBook Pro (2016) also shares the same negative characteristics: The 15-inch version is also only one in ten possible in terms of repairability, which means that it can not be repaired by laymen. Especially the components such as the battery that Apple has glued or soldered in the case, as well as the proprietary screws.