The MacBook Pro (2016) is hard to repair – the iFixit team comes after the teardown of the new Apple notebook. Especially the touch bar, the unique feature of the device, proves to be firmly anchored; And also a battery change is likely to cause problems for the layman.

For the Teardown, iFixit has split the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro (2016) into its components and documented the process step by step on its own website. As a positive, the team is able to remove the trackpad without removing the battery. In all other areas it is clear that the compact design has its weaknesses in terms of repairability.

Glued and soldered

An obstacle to the removal of the MacBook Pro (2016) from the point of view of iFixit are, above all, the proprietary screws that Apple has used. The anchoring of the battery is also emphasized negatively: this is clearly stuck in the housing, which makes a change difficult. The processor, the memory and the SSD memory are also directly soldered to the mainboard.

Removing the touch bar also proved to be expensive: it is very easy to unintentionally damage the OLED bar during this operation. Remarkable detail: The speakers on the MacBook Pro (2016) are not located under the loudspeakers, which are attached next to the buttons (red marking on the picture above), but next to the trackpad at the bottom of the device (orange). It seems as if the sound comes through the vents at the sides. Overall, the new MacBook is only one of 10 possible points on the repairability scale of iFixit.

MacBook Pro (2016) in the Teardown Touchbar difficult to replace