Madonna paid a visit to Manila shelters which are established to provide housing for street children and orphans. The world star carried out two shows in the capital city of the Philippine. She visit these shelters to reassure the children before her first show and took selfies with them. On Tuesday she posted some of her pictures with kids on her Instagram account in which she was holding a baby in her arms. She also sat together with kids to listen to and play games with them. She also captioned one of her photos as she is chilling with her buddies.

Madonna’s Selfie Love in Manila for Filipino Orphans

Madonna Snapped with Orphans of Filipino

The National News :

Pop star Madonna took selfies with kids during surprise visits to two Manila shelters for orphans and street children on Tuesday, ahead of two concerts in the Philippine capital.

Pictures on her Instagram account showed her carrying a baby in one arm while holding hands with a girl who was guiding her on a tour of the Hospicio de San Jose orphanage. At the Bahay Tuluyan shelter, she sat on a tarpaulin with children.

“Chillin’ with my Homies at the Bahay Tuluyan Foundation Inc giving shelter to orphans street children trafficking/abuse victims in Manila,” Madonna wrote in a caption to a selfie taken with three children as they lay on the mat. The shelter was told on Monday that Madonna’s dancers would visit, but did not find out Madonna was coming until an hour before her arrival, said Catherine Scerri, the executive director of Bahay Tuluyan. She said the children did a couple of dances before being joined by Madonna’s dancers. The singer talked to officials about the centre’s programme but spent most of her 45-minute visit with the kids, she added. Madonna played at Manila’s Mall of Asia Arena last night, the latest stops on her Rebel Heart world tour. Philippine’s Roman Catholic leader Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa has discouraged Filipinos from attending the event. “Why is the Catholic Philippines the favourite venue for blasphemy against God and the Holy Mother?”, he said, but stopped short of calling for a boycott like he did in 2012 when Lady Gaga played.

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Filipino film wins Silver Bear at Berlin festival

An eight-and-a-half-hour Filipino film took home the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival last weekend. Historical epic Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis (A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery) – directed by Lav Diaz, arguably the most esteemed independent filmmaker in the Philippines – chronicles the rich revolutionary history and mythology of the director’s impoverished homeland.

The film made history as the longest competition contender in the 66-year history of the film festival. During the film’s single, sold-out screening at the Berlinale Palace theatre last week, more than half of the 1,600-strong audience who were there when the film began were still there when the credits rolled, and rewarded the 57-year-old Diaz with applause and cries of “bravo”.

Madonna scolded in Philippines as bishop urges concert boycottMadonna scolded in Philippines as bishop urges concert boycott

The archbishop even suggested Madonna is just a stage name. “It’s not even her real name. She is just using (Madonna) to taunt Mother Mary,” Arguelles said.

But it is: Madonna Louise Ciccone, born in 1958 in Michigan, was raised a Catholic, but for decades she’s tangled with the church over her flaunting of Catholic symbols, her love of nudity and scanty costumes and her sexually explicit performances and lyrics.