On Wednesday, Eleven flights were cancelled out of Bay area. 128 planes were grounded by the Southwest Airlines after they never inspected backup hydraulic system that are used for controlling the radar upon the failure of main system.

Oakland international airport have already cancelled one arriving flight along with nine flights. Two flights have been cancelled at San Francisco International Airport but the San Jose International airport have not recorded any form of cancellation.

Passengers complained after they arrived and hard about the bad news which they were not aware of. Passengers are advised to make check-up with Southwest to ascertain that their flights have not been cancelled.

Maintenance issues with South west Ground 128 lead to the counselling of Bay area flightsFederal Aviation Administration were notified on Tuesday night by southwest who discovered the problem. Inspection are underway as FAA allows the airlines to resume their flights.

Southwest notified the Federal Aviation Administration after discovering the problem. Late Tuesday night, the FAA agreed to let the airline resume flying the planes while inspections are done over the next few days.

Dallas-based Southwest is the nation’s fourth-biggest airline. It has 665 jets, all of which are some version of the Boeing 737, including nearly 450 of the 737-700. That model seats 137 or 143 passengers, depending on the layout.