class=” wp-image-2526 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Many Outraged Over Kanye West Headlining for Glastonbury” width=”435″ height=”241″ />Glastonbury, the world-renowned annual music festival, has announced its headline acts for this year, with Kanye West being one of them. This has left music fans divided, some being delighted that Kanye will be performing, whilst others are angry at Glastonbury’s choice.

Glastonbury has had a history of showcasing acts performing rock music, but in 2008, Jay-Z became the first hip-hop star to perform as a headline act for the festival. When this happened, Noel Gallagher had famously proclaimed his outrage at this, stating that Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and that he did not want any hip-hop acts at the festival. In spite of this, Jay-Z’s performance was extremely well received.

Kanye is definitely an unpredictable artist in the music industry, and many claim that he is arrogant. A petition has been started on, calling for the organisers of the festival to remove Kanye as a headline act. The petition has so far gotten over 800 signatures. Many celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their disdain for Kanye headlining at the festival. Louise Thompson, one of the Made in Chelsea stars, tweeted that Kanye headlining at Glastonbury this year was ‘a bit of a joke’, whilst rapper Wretch 32 tweeted that it was a good day for rap music. No matter what people feel about Kanye, they all seem to agree that whether it be good or bad, Kanye will definitely put on a big show.

With Kanye and the Foo Fighters confirmed to be the headline acts for this year’s festival on the Friday and Saturday, it is still unknown who will be headlining for the Sunday.