Mark Zuckerberg has spoken extensively about the fake news debate. We are increasingly working on solutions to deal with the problem.

Facebook wants to develop solutions to the fake news problem

On Saturday, Mark Zuckerberg publicly voiced his opinion about false notifications. He takes the topic very seriously, writes the Facebook CEO on his personal profile. The challenge is not to stop users from sharing their opinions or to share the correct news. You do not want to play referees yourself, but rather to put on the community and bring third professional checkers into the boat, writes Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg explains

Facebook itself also works on an improved detection software, which identifies false messages. However, one would publish simpler ways for the users to report appropriate fake news. Content on Facebook, which have been reported as false messages, should then be marked. Even in the sharing of unsafe sources, warnings are to be opened in the future. In addition, the “Related Articles” feature is revised.
It is also particularly important that Facebook collaborate with as many fact check organizations as possible. The company is already in contact with several institutions. The cooperation will be strengthened in the coming months, it states in the post office. At the beginning of the week, Facebook also announced that fake news providers will be excluded from the advertising network in the future. One would not want a business model to be built with targeted disinformation.

False declarations have proved to be a big problem on Facebook, especially in the US election campaign. According to a Buzzfeed analysis, fake news are substantially more divided than content of serious news media. In a recently published interview, the Washington Post has interviewed an author of some falsehoods. In it, he unveiled how people are deliberately deceived and manipulated.