class=” wp-image-1362 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Massive fire outbreaks in South Africa annihilates acres of land in Cape Town” width=”361″ height=”203″ />A Terrible fire in Cape Town, South Africa swept through acres of land destroying rare breed of plants and injuring 52. The senior citizens were reported having received treatment from a nearby hospital on account of breathing problems due to smoke inhalation.

The outbreak started on Sunday and totally engulfed the Table Mountain terrain near Cape Town. However, the fire is under control claimed by the South African Press Association.

The terrain is claimed to be home to rare breeds of plant including exclusive breeds like proteas flora and fynbos.

The authorities reported of having no causalities and the fire only caused minor breathing difficulties due to inhalation of the smoke. The other villages were immediately evacuated. However, the residents have already returned back to their homes and are leading a regular life.

The firefighting is still under progress with efforts being severely affected by strong winds and hot temperatures.