In Britain today, there are currently 17 extremely dangerous men that are on the run from the police. These men have all committed crimes abroad and are wanted in their home countries, but are hiding out in Britain. The Metropolitan Police Service have launched a manhunt for these men, each of whom have committed very serious crimes, from murder to human trafficking.

The manhunt has been named Operation Sunfire, and the police have released photos of all 17 men, as well as an appeal for anyone with any information to come forward. The men have mostly all been linked in some way to London, but it is currently unknown whether or not that is where they are hiding.

Massive Manhunt Launched in UK for Wanted Foreign NationalsOne of the men is Alexandru Cucu, a 27 year old Romanian, who was due to spend four and a half years in prison for attempted murder after beating a security guard outside a nightclub with a metal pipe, an iron rod and the handle of an axe. Another Romanian man, Octavian Medeleanu, threatened women with violence before trafficking them to the UK, where they experienced sexual exploitation and were forced into prostitution rings. Janusz Kedziora, who is also known as Michal Krawczyk, is wanted in Poland and is meant to spend 10 years in prison for a number of violent robberies that he committed. He brutally attacked his victims, breaking one man’s teeth when stealing his beer, and attacking another man with tear gas.

Police officers have strong evidence relating to each of these men, proving that they are guilty of violent crimes. These men could pose danger to the public, and need to be captured as soon as possible. This is the fourth time tht the police have run Operation Sunfire, and in previous years they were able to find almost half of the criminals thanks to the help of the public who responded to the manhunt appeal.