In 2012, Mazda has started to write a success story with the CX-5 and its Kodo design. Now she is to be continued with the successor presented in Los Angeles. Much has not changed at first sight.

Mazda wants to build on the success story of the CX-5 in Los Angeles and presents the second generation of the compact SUV at the Auto Show. Already in the spring of next year the car is also to stand in Germany with the dealers. The design is more evolution than revolution. The contours are re-sharpened, but hardly changed, so the Kodo design, which is now growing over all models, remains committed. “Refined robustness” is Mazda’s design approach, which is understood by the Japanese as the art of omission. This is not bad at all, because the CX-5 shows itself stiffened and the alternating concave and convex surfaces ensure quite exciting light effects on the sheet metal.

Mazda shows new CX-5 in Los Angeles 2

For a sportier appearance and a broader stand, the front and rear by a centimeter broadened gauge, and the center of gravity of the vehicle was lowered. The 3.5 cm rear-offset A-pillar provides a better view at the front and the slightly lowered belt line with the resulting larger glass portion for better all-round visibility. The new front of the CX-5 is clearly marked by narrow, compared to the current model significantly lower positioned LED headlights. The large radiator grill dominates the front view and is spanned by a pouting lip that forms the bonnet.

Mazda shows courageMazda shows new CX-5 in Los Angeles

But apart from the discreet optical changes, Mazda dares a big step in the US with the new CX-5. With the 2.2-liter Skyactiv-D – which delivers 150 and 175 hp in two power levels – the Japanese introduce a diesel in North America for the first time. And that, although not a few manufacturers doubt the future ability of the auto-igniter. For the engine, which will be in Germany next to the two well-known petrol engines, Mazda promises absolute “cleanliness and efficiency”. In addition, Mazda is committed to the fact that the high torque of the diesel combined with its lower consumption convinces the buyers. Even if the VW affair has done a lot of damage. In addition, Mazda has the success from Japan in the back. In the land of the rising sun the diesel was rather frowned upon. In the meantime, Mazda accounts for 70 per cent of all diesel sales. Last year this was 100,000 units.

There are hardly any changes in the interior, but the promise to move in the direction of premium in processing. And in fact, the materials did not only look good on a first seat sample, they also worked very well. More comfort for the driver should be offered by the slightly raised center console, the gear selection lever was raised by four or six centimeters, depending on the type of transmission. The CX-5 should also have improved significantly in noise insulation. Above all, rolling noise generated on rough road surfaces, as well as high-frequency wind and tire noises at higher speeds, have been significantly reduced. Depending on the driving situation, the noise level drops by around 1.3 decibels, Mazda promises, which is likely to benefit the conversation with people in the second row.


Improved driving comfort and “G-Vectoring”

The CX-5 has now also introduced the “G-Vectoring Control” vehicle dynamics control, which the Japanese automaker has already presented in the new Mazda6 and Mazda3, to improve driving comfort and steering precision. Another innovation is the optional provision of a color head-up display, which now projects its information directly onto the windshield. However, the extendable Plexiglas disc remains as a low-cost alternative. For wheelchair-ridden drivers there will also be a radar-based speed control system with a step-up function. Also anew for the CX-5 is an electrically operated tailgate.

At the presentation, Mazda also placed great emphasis on the “Takuminuri” painting technique, which gives the vehicles in three-layered colors a very special color intensity. The structure, says Mazda, lends the vehicles from the large-scale production “the quality and precision of a hand-painted painting”. The special pigmentation and “different flakes” are intended to absorb and reflect the light in a very special way.Mazda shows new CX-5 in Los Angeles 3

Prices are not yet known for the competitor of VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga and Nissan Qashqai. The current generation is available from 24.600 euros and this is not likely to change much.

Mazda shows new CX-5 in Los Angeles 4