class=” wp-image-2081 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Meditation Myths Busted” width=”429″ height=”283″ />Though meditation has been well established to be a good and useful practice through numerous researches; there have been certain myths doing the rounds about it for long. The myths about meditation mainly relate to the body posture one has necessarily to adopt, eat at a certain way, pray, love people, and find right kind of Guru at a certain region of India.

There are perceptions that for meditation, one has to follow complicated and confusing rules, but it is not exactly the case. There are some basic meditation rules that one has to follow, but these are neither complicated nor difficult. One has just to learn certain styles and techniques of meditation, and those are simple and easy. Also, one is not required to do a lot. One is not required necessarily to sit on the floor cross-legged. One does not need to invest at least one hour to meditate and chant. One, also, is not required to go to India to get started or learn the minutes of meditation; no special clothes or shoes are needed. And add to that; one does not need to be static or still to meditate. Moving meditations are there for one’s help, meaning thereby that there is complete flexibility in case of meditation.

One can just sit for five minutes on the floor, chair, on even on bed, and breathe; close eyes if only one wants, and chant a mantra or just keep mum. These five minutes can change one’s life completely and for good. One does not require too much of time either. One can try only five minutes, not seven days a week, just two or three days a week and one is through.

Meditation teaches us to be our true self. It makes us learn how to live compassionately and authentically, and does not dictate terms to practice it. No myth commonly attached to it, holds ground.