Ash Carter, the US Defense Secretary, only six days after taking office, convened an unusual meeting on Monday to discuss minutest details about the administration’s strategy, gaps, and weaknesses in dealing with Islamic State group of militants at the doorstep of Iraq.

As per the army general in command of war efforts in Syria and Iraq has revealed that Islamic State fighters were demoralized, halted, and on the defensive due to the counter attacks by Iraqi forces. Iraqi troops were all set to re-capture the town of al-Baghdadi. Lt. Gen. James L. Terry tried to paint a rosy picture of war against terrorism. Carter, on the other hand, after a photo session, said that he needed a deeper understanding of the approach of the administration towards what he termed the very complicated issue of Islamic extremist group impacting negatively the whole world. He added that the issue of terrorism had a military dimension, but not entirely a military solution, rather a politico-military solution.

In the meeting, there were such 25 important personalities as head of the military’s central command, Gen. Lloyd Austin, John Allen and Brett McGurk, the presidential envoys, US ambassador to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and other Arab countries, and commanders of US forces in Africa and Europe, to name just a few. Carter referred the group of persons as “Team America”. The meeting and participation was highly unusual way to start the tenure of a Pentagon chief. Carter further added that he could have instead gone to Iraq, and heard US officials about the situation, but being new to the office, he wanted a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the problem of Islamic State. He forecast to inflict lasting defeat on the terrorist group; he urged not to doubt the veracity of his statement.