Nintendo updates the terms of its video monetization program

From its inception, the Nintendo Creators Program has been seen as a controversial Nintendo action, since it causes youtubers to share some of their profits and follow certain guidelines if they want to profit from content about the company. Now, this program has become a bit more problematic, since it will also not allow its affiliates to make live broadcasts.

Last night, Nintendo sent an email to participants of the Nintendo Creators Program to inform them that they will not be able to use their account linked to the program to transmit live content. Those who want to do it have 2 options: to transmit from another account, or to leave the program.

Members of the Nintendo Creators Program can no longer cast on YouTube

“Live broadcasts are beyond the scope of the Nintendo Creators Program. This means that you can not cast content on YouTube Live from the account you have registered with the Nintendo Creators Program, “the company statement said.

It is important to note that Nintendo did not explain why it made this decision. The company is likely to prefer to stay away from live broadcasts because its improvised nature lends itself to comments or situations that Nintendo does not want to be related to its brand.

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As already mentioned, this is not the first time that Nintendo’s measures have bothered the YouTube community. A recent example is the problem of The Bit Block, which lost the profits of a video after it was reported for presenting a short 1-2-Switch audio clip.

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