Metaps, a Japanese Company, very recently has sold their services to Android development team in order to capitalize their apps. Metaps proposed a SDK to Android in order to integrate in-app offers quickly to escalate user involvement and revenues thereby. Their business has now grown up to $51.2 million approx. This company has succeeded to get about $36 million Series C type investment from various investors in Japan.

Two years ago, about $11 million worth of round B type has been invested from Fidelity Growth Partners in Japan. Even the company has previously partnered with Line Coin, a social messaging company. Initially Metaps’ goal was to app capitalization, but now the company is also growing up with data and machine learning – automated marketing of apps. Very recently they have declared that they are planning to utilize a portion of its finance in hiring additional Al expertise to continue with further progress.

Metaps Grasp Worth $36 Million to Work with Big Data Analysis

Earlier, the company has started an application competitive like PayPal, named Spike. Spike is transaction charge free and considered to be less clumsy than PayPal. Metaps’ another target is to expand Spike outside online payments to develop an all-rounder financial service. Spike has been launched in March 2014, and till now it has been working in open beta mode. Till then Spike has almost 50,000 registered users only in Japan. Katsuaki Sato, Metaps CEO mentioned to TechCrunch, “We aim to analyze all forms of data available to provide full service in corporate monetization. Now the question is what is needed to be done in order to make your clients spend money? We will try our best to improve our data analysis methodology to solve this issue in a progressive manner.”