Microsoft Office 2016 – After several months in the trial Office 2016 for Mac now available for subscribers to Office 365. After about 5 years there is a new version of Office for OS X so.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac brings a number of improvements in addition to an updated look, which are specially very enjoyable in the age of retina-Macs and full-screen apps.

So, Microsoft integrates for example the own cloud solution OneDrive in the new Office package for the Mac. Thus, Office documents can simply be stored somewhere and from different devices, regardless of whether Smartphone, tablet or Windows PC, open.

Office 2016 also receives a new app with OneNote for Mac. As before are also Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook also contained.

Office 365 subscribers can use for Mac now Office 2016. The standalone version without subscription model should be available according to Microsoft as of September.

So crucial, I think Outlook, it is unfortunately still botch on the Mac. In Outlook for Windows, I guess that all account information are compact a .pst file. That makes it easy archiving and storing messages, the file can be encrypted and compressed, and is immensely practical both in data moving and backup. I can have a separate pst file for each mail account. On the Mac, the data on different invisible and non-configurable folder is distributed. This is simply bad and unprofessional.

Outlook is one of the reasons why I use Parallels and Windows 7 and will continue do that. That approaches to the Mac Office to the Windows version, is to be welcomed, but in such useful details you then realize that it is only surface cosmetic.