Just recently, Microsoft has declared its’ Office software to be opened up for other third party clients, with an update to its office apps that will allow access to Dropbox and iCloud. The integration has been performed in terms of ‘file picker’ that takes the benefit to open files and folders that has been stored in some other locations. For users of Microsoft Office, they will now open, edit the file and save it in other third party services within the Office application. This update will be first received by iOS, but again similar type of features will be added along with Windows 10 as well as Office for Android.

This third party service addition is very much surprising for Microsoft, since till now they have worked as a closed company that has tried its level best to keep his customers inside its own boundary. But it’s always better to change late than never; Microsoft has been encouraging third parties not only for Office with iOS, but also Outlook for Android and iOS.

In addition of having support from other cloud services, Microsoft has also declared a new Cloud Storage Partner Program, with the help of this the company will see more closely how the integration has been performed. Then final users of such integrated companies can open and edit their documents via entering Microsoft Office Online. Such initiatives of Microsoft has been appreciated by Box CEO Aaron Levie with a recent post in twitter mentioning a new level of openness of Microsoft, while giving complements to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for moving things in the right direction.