Microsoft has started to warn its users about an encryption security bug, called the FREAK bug, after they revealed that millions of their users are at risk. The bug was first thought to only be targeting mobile devices and Mac computers, but it has now been revealed that the bug could possibly be much more widespread than this.

If the hackers are able to effectively use the bug, then not only would they be able to spy on all communication carried out by that PC, but they will also be able to use malicious software to infect the PC. Microsoft has responded by releasing in advisory, in which they state that they are aware of the security feature bypass vulnerability which could affect all of the current releases of Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Users in Danger from 'Freak' BugMicrosoft is still investigating the threat in as much detail as possible, but have not yet developed any updates which would be able to keep users safe from the bug. Since it is an industry-wide threat, they are not the only company that has to deal with this issue. Apple have informed users that they are going to be releasing a software update next week, which will address the issue of the bug. Google has already provided a software patch to its manufacturers that are producing Android products.

However, despite all the warnings from Microsoft and other companies, many users are doubtful that the FREAK bug would have a big impact, as it would take the hackers many hours before they are able to crack the encryption key and launch a real attack. Hopefully, all users will be able to download a software update before this happens.