The University of Oxford has released results of a major analysis, stating that since 2011, the population of England has risen by almost half a million due to immigration. The figures show that in every local authority around the country, migrants have been contributing to a rapid rise in population numbers. Two thirds of the 565,000 migrants that have come to the UK since 2011 are from other countries that belong to the European Union.

The national statistics that focus on migration movements in and out of the country are only gathered and released every 10 years, meaning that the most recent official estimate for how many migrants are now settled in the UK will only be released in the summer.

Migrants Cause UK Population to Rapidly Rise

The Oxford study has suggested that as England’s economy has expanded, so has the number of migrants, with London experiencing the largest amount of influx. Since the last national census was taken, the number of people living in London that were born abroad has risen by 200,000, resulting in a total of 3.2 million. The South-East is also experiencing a huge rise in population, with over 1.1 million people being born overseas.

Many Eastern European nations joined the EU in 2004, and this has led to rapid growth of these nationalities in certain areas of the country, particularly in the East in agricultural communities. The main reason for this is because people are coming to England to look for jobs, and are finding opportunities in low-skilled and low-paid roles. It is good news for employees, as they have more choice when it comes to filling certain positions, but bad news for British unemployed nationals, who now have much more competition when it comes to finding a job.