A blast occurred on Wednesday at a coal mine in the Eastern Ukranian rebel stronghold of Donetsk. Unfortunately, there were dozens of minors trapped in a deep shaft underground at the time, and their status is currently unknown, although many fear them to be dead.

Although there was fighting going on at the frontline nearby, with the area around the mine frequently finding itself coming under fire, this did not contribute to the blast. Instead, the blast was most likely caused by gas. However, the war did not help matters in any way, with Kiev accusing the separatists of restricting access to rescue vehicles.

Miners Trapped Underground During Coal Mine Blast30 relatives of the miners soon appeared outside the mine, demanding to know whether or not their loved ones were still alive. One minor, who was not in the pit at the time, still had a broken collarbone and plenty of scratches, stated that five bodies had been retrieved so far.

Although officers have not yet given official numbers on those missing or dead, one of local rescue workers spoke out anonymously, claiming that there were still 30 people unaccounted for and it did not look as though there was going to be any good news.

The chances that a trapped minor would be able to survive underground after a blast get smaller as time passes, due to the methane and hot air, which makes time of the essence when it comes to the rescue mission. Two buses have been brought to the mine in order to carry away other bodies that are retrieved.