AThe Missing Bristol Teenager Becky Watts’ Body Parts Founds per police sources, the hunt for a missing teenager, Becky Watts, has resulted in coming across her body parts. Police found body parts of the missing in Bristol, and arrested five more people including three men and two women suspected to have assisted the offender. Formal identification of the actual offender is yet to be established, however, Becky’s family has been informed by the police about the latest development in this connection. The two persons, a 28-year old man and a 21-year old woman, arrested on Saturday on suspicion of their involvement in her kidnapping, have been re-arrested on additional charges of murdering the kidnapped.

Mike Courtiour, Detective Superintendent of Avon and the Somerset Police informed that as per the clue received, police raided a house at Barton Hill area in Bristol late last night. The police could elicit the information that body of the missing teenager, Becky, had been cut into pieces. The search for a new place led the police to the discovery of her body parts. The Detective Superintendent further added that the news of the latest development was devastating to Becky’s family and friends, and that the thoughts of police were with them. He expressed his resolve to provide all support to Becky’s family in the present ordeal.

Becky had left home with her laptop, tablet computer, and phone without informing family or friends where she headed for, and taking extra clothing on 19th February. The police had been searching for her since it was informed about her gone missing on 20th February at 4 pm. All possible resources were utilized and additional police officers from Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devan and Cornwall, and South Wales Police dogs were drafted. All these were supported by police helicopters. The Superintendent further revealed that experts in searching missing persons from the College of Policing, National Crime Agency, and other national organizations dealing with missing persons were still working in close cooperation with other agencies. He also appealed to the public in general to come out with any information anyone had in this connection, and had seen the black Vauxhall Zafira with the registration number HY06 HYA during the time between February 19 morning and February 23. Police had seized the car, but its whereabouts during those crucial two days were needed, he added.

At the weekend, her father and her step mother hoped that she might return safe and sound, but also prepared themselves for the worst as no news about their missing daughter were available by then. The uncle of the teenager, Sam Galsworthy told that none from her father’s side were involved in her disappearance, and no member of her family was implicated in any manner. He thanked the public for their support.

.  The unabated search for Becky yielded result, but the findings have been awful.