Mortgage Interest Rates Improve Today at PNC, HSBC, BMO HarrisHSBC

Standard 30 year loan deals can be had for 3.73% at HSBC Bank (NYSE:HBC) yielding an APR of 3.814%.  The short term, popular 15 year fixed rate mortgages are published at 3.17% and APR of 3.315% today.

The 5 year ARMs have been quoted at 3% at HSBC yielding an APR of 3.323% at the beginning of the loan.  ARMs in the 7 year category stand at 3.25% currently showing an APR of 3.397%.  The 10 year ARM loans can be had for 3.5% today carrying an APR of 3.533%.

BMO Harris Bank

30 year loans are on the books at 3.625% at BMO Harris Bank carrying an APR of 3.780% today.  Shorter term 15 year FRM interest rates can be had for 3.000% at the bank today and an APR of 3.200%.

10 year loan interest rates can be had for 2.875% today yielding an APR of 3.166%.  20 year FRM interest rates stand at 3.500% with an APR of 3.701%.

3/1 ARM loans are being quoted at 2.875% today carrying an APR of 3.364%.  In the ARM arena, 5 year deals are listed at 3.000% at BMO Harris showing an APR of 3.344%.  7/1 ARM loans stand at 3.250% currently with a starting APR of 3.418%.  10/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages are coming out at 3.500% currently with an APR of 3.554%.

US Bankcorp

30 year loans at US Bankcorp (NYSE:USB) are being quoted at 4.500% with an APR of 4.673%.  The FHA 30 year loans have been offered at 4.375% with a bit higher APR of 4.879%.  The best 30 year jumbo loan deals can be had for 4.625% carrying an APR of 4.777%.

VA 30 year mortgage interest rates have been offered at 4.500% and an APR of 4.846%.

Shorter term 15 year FRMs at the bank are being quoted at 3.500% carrying an APR of 3.811%.

15 year FHA fixed rate loan interest rates have been listed at 4.000% yielding an APR of 4.565% today.  The Jumbo version of the 15 year loans stand at 3.750% today carrying an APR of 4.008%.  VA 15 year loan deals are 4.000% and an APR of 4.721%.  10 year fixed rate loan interest rates are being offered for 3.375% with an APR of 3.823% today.  The 3/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages are on the books at 2.250% today carrying an APR of 3.261%.  ARM interest rates in the 5 year category at US Bank are 2.625% with a starting APR of 3.250%.