As per the media reports, Germany has outright rejected the plea of the Greek for reparations for Nazi crimes perpetrated during the World War II.

Steffen Seibert, spokesman of the German Government, told on Wednesday that all questions relating to compensations and reparations had already been answered politically and legally. Steffen’s comment came in response to Greek Justice Minister, Nikos Paraskevopoulos’ demand for confiscation of the German property by Greece, reported Xinhua. On Tuesday, Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister, had also called upon Germany to pay indemnities and reparations, and accused the German government of employing legal tricks Decades ago to scuttle demand for reparations on account of the German occupation during World War II.

The German spokesman, Seibert, on the other hand, clarified that Germany had been constantly and absolutely abreast with its historical responsibilities towards the sufferings brought by National Socialism to several countries of Europe. He opined that the two countries should focus on the present issues, and possibly the future ones, and added that the issue of reparations had never come up in the talks between the Angela Merkel, the Greek Chancellor, and Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister, or between the Finance Ministers of the two countries.

There have been glaring disagreements between the two countries over the Greek’s debts, and the Greek finance minister has implored Germany not to humiliate Greece on the issue of debt. Germany has been opposing any move by eurozone countries to reduce the debts of Greece amounting to $369 billion. Merkel, the German Chancellor, has already ruled out any reduction in Greek’s debts.

The new ultra-left party came to power in Greece in January, and has been opposed to the introduction of any austerity measure. Instead, it has been in favor of reduction of debts in the bail out programme for Greece.