The Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, is all set to address the joint session of the U.S. Congress on 3rd of March 2015 just 14 ahead of the Israeli election on an invitation from the Republican Speaker, John Boehner, of the House. What makes the address special is the time and theme of the address which relates to the Iranian deal with the Washington on nuclear weapons. He intends to bring home the fact that nuclear arsenal in the possession of Iran poses an existential danger to his country. With a view to the impending election that may be influenced by the tone and substance of the speech on Iran, a change in the format of his speech is under active consideration.

Netanyahu Considering Changes to Congress Speech after Criticism

The speech is also likely to be considered as the political links of Netanyahu with the Republicans, and a pre-election campaign booster. That is why; Israeli officials are deciding whether he should deliver his speech in a closed-door-session of Congress in place of a prime-time TV address to lessen the intensity of the occasion. They are also exploring the possibility of the speech at the annual meet of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington in the same week in place of at Congress.  Some in the Likud is of the opinion that he should give up the speech, but Michael Steel, the Boehner’s spokesperson, claimed that the speech was very much on. He, however, declined to comment on the issue of amendment of the format of Netanyahu’s speech.

As per an opinion poll conducted by Israel’s Army Radio, 47% people favor cancellation of the speech while 34% want the speech to go on. The issue has impacted his poll ratings for the ensuing elections in Israel. Netanyahu, on the other hand, is determined to discuss Iranian nuclear deal with the U.S. as per his own address to his voters. In case, he withdraws at this juncture, he is likely to branded weak for voters at home as he has the image of being tuff on the issue of Iran, and lacking in political acumen by the political leaders of the world.