Being criticized by many of the congress members, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister wrote on Twitter in order to protect the legislative body next month and mentioned that his country holds thoughtful disagreement with the US government regarding the issue of Iran concession. The White House is trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran and at the same time, Home Speaker John Boehner has requested Netanyahu to talk to Congress about this.

President Obama mentioned that he will not meet with the Prime Minister during his visit this time since Israeli election is just two weeks later. The admin panel mentioned that Netanyahu has broken the legal rules by not consulting with White House prior a speech to Congress. On last Tuesday, Netanyahu mentioned in Twitter that he will be visiting US because of the sake of his country’s existence and this should not be considered as any personal clash with Obama.

Netanyahu – Worried of the Nuclear Deal of Obama with IranHe mentioned, “I highly escalate everything Obama has done for Israel. Again I know that he knows my responsibility that is to protect the Israel security.” Obama mentioned that he has some major discrete difference with Netanyahu in the opinion of Iran negotiations. Obama has requested Congress to keep on hold off new sanctions for Iran considering that they could come up with a long term deal with Iran. Obama again has requested Netanyahu to stop asking for more sanctions to Congress.

According to Netanyahu, the anticipated deal with Iran would allow them to make nuclear weapons within few years time span that could destroy Israel anytime.