One after the other, bombing occurred in Potiskum then in Kano. 10 are suspected to be dead in Kano while hospital sources indicate 17 dad in Potiskum. Boko haram, Militant group were blamed Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria president.

There are no comments yet from Boko Haram regarding to the attack.

Witnesses said to BBC Hausa service that the attack was self-bombing when the bomber was boarding a bus at Dan-Borno bus station, with the bus being torn into pieces and damage caused to vehicles.

13 corpses were in the mortuary has the number reached 17 after four patients died while under treatment and over 30 people injured. Hospital sources said.

At Kano line bust station, from a vehicle alighted, 2 male suicide bombers alighted and they detonated themselves. (Police spokesman)

The new aim of Nigeria suicide Bombers are Kano Buses and Potiskun

Girl Bomber

Young lady strapped to her and killed 5 people wounding dozens within security checkpoint in Potiskum outside a market.

Over 3million are displaced as boko haram rules vast swathes of north-east Nigeria.

Boko Haram now controls vast swathes of north-east Nigeria and has displaced more than three million people.

The mounting threat of the Islamist insurgency has already led to the postponement of February’s presidential elections, with the vote now due to take place on 28 March.