class=” wp-image-2379 alignleft” src=”” alt=”New Bio-Bus Being Launched in Bristol” width=”477″ height=”266″ />The first ‘poo-bus’ in Britain is going to be introduced in Bristol later this month, where it will be going into regular service. The bus will run on gas that will be generated from human food and waste, also known as biomethane gas. In order to run on its 15 mile route, the bus will be using waste from over 32,000 houses in Bristol.

First West of England is the bus company that will be running the bio-bus, which will be filled at a site in Avonmouth Bristol. This site is where the sewage, as well as any inedible food waste, will be turned into biomethane.

The bus was first unveiled in Bristol last autumn, and will be able to carry up to 40 passengers at one time. From the 25th of March, it will operate on a regular service for four days a week. If the bus is successful, the company will look at introducing more bio-buses to its services.

Since the bus was first unveiled last year, it has received worldwide attention. It was used towards the end of the year between Bristol city and Bristol airport, but has only been used once in the city centre of Bristol. Once it successfully runs on a regular service in a busy city, it will encourage bus operators all around the world to look at what the best ways to fuel their vehicles are, as well as consider the environmental impacts that the current fuel use is causing.