New figures have been released, stating that just last year, about 400 children were tasered by stun guns used by the police force. These stun guns are powerful, 50,000 volts, and have been used on children that are as young as 11. With adults equating the feeling of being tasered to that of being paralysed, the effects would be even more terrifying for someone of such a young age.

With senior police officers campaigning to have stun guns provided to all the 127,000 officers that are currently on the frontline, there are concerns that rather than sorting out any disagreements, police are turning to their stun guns much too soon.

New Figures Show that 400 Kids Have Been Tasered by UK PoliceOne major incident involving children being tasered was at a school in Devon in December 2013, when police were called to deal with a ‘violent incident’. The school was for children with learning disabilities, and police ended up shooting three students, aged between 14 and 15, with stun guns.

Although the stun guns are a great tool that can be utilised in order to avoid using live ammunition and more deadly weapons, there are calls for the police to spend more time diffusing a situation before turning to their tasers. The public is also calling for stricter measures to be put into place on who the stun guns can be used on, as there are currently reports of the weapons being used on the mentally ill, those who are already in custody, and the more vulnerable youths of society. There have also been many complaints of officers using these stun guns to intimate and bully the public in specific situations.