A small network device to help end the domestic clutter of data – without cloud.

Who doesn’t know that? Desktop computer, notebook, Tablet, Smartphone – on every device collected documents, photos and all sorts of other data. At some point, you lose the overview of where what is stored. Séverin Marcombes from Paris has now announced the fight the data mess. His secret weapon is Lima. The system informs all stored content, and that without a cloud.

The small device – not much larger than a 9-volt block battery is connected at home via Ethernet to the router and then via USB on an external hard drive. The individual devices on which the user usually works, be configured appropriately and save everything on the external hard drive from now on. Likewise, all devices have access to all the data from each individual device.

It’s not Marcombes first idea to make computer technology more user friendly. Before Lima, he was involved in, for example, on a project that allows paralyzed people to use electric appliances, as well as their entire living environment by remote control. The input of commands was carried out over the tongue of the user. With Lima could him now but the first success in the mass market for consumer electronics be granted. He collected at least 1.2 million dollars on Kickstarter, for his project. Now has his start up 20 employees.

“The biggest difference to a cloud service is the way how Lima works”, the 27-year-old explained. The user must create a special folder structure, in which the contents are stored. Also, he must wait until a cloud has synced everything. “If we want to see such a movie that is on our computer, on the iPad, we must first move it to a folder, on the both devices can be accessed, and then wait until the data in the cloud and from there on the tablet can be downloaded again. We can access anytime, anywhere immediately”, explains Marcombes.

Only the size of the external hard drive limits the amount of space to which all devices have access. Also has the user full control over its data. Nothing is transferred to any external service providers such as dropbox. “Many users have reservations when it comes to store data in the cloud. At home on a hard drive to have more security gives them”, says Marcombes.

The saved files are always available on all devices, if there is an Internet connection. Users can therefore also of access on the road or from the Office to the hard disk. In addition, you can save individual files on the respective device as offline to continue working. Lima should come in late summer in the trade. Pre-orders are available on meetlima.com.