New Laws Target Drug-DrivingA new law has been approved in England and Wales, which will help the police immensely when it comes to catching drivers who are under the influence of certain drugs. The new law makes it officially illegal to drive with a certain level of drugs in your system. The specific drugs that the police will be looking out for include eight prescription drugs, such as morphine and methadone, and eight illegal drugs.

Police officers will be able to test for a couple of these drugs, such as cannabis and cocaine, at the roadside, but the remainder of the drugs can only be tested for back at the police station. Nick Freeman, a well known lawyer favoured by many celebrities and footballers, has stated that he believes this new law to be a stunt, and that it won’t have any real impact.

Since the police can only test for two drugs on site, the process of bringing a suspect into custody for the other drug tests is time consuming. Freeman believes that drug users who drive will simply turn to other substances that the police do not have the testing kits for. However, Mike Penning, policing minister, strongly believes that these new drug screening systems will be of a huge help to the police and will help them to keep the roads much safer.

Freeman also feels that innocent people who are taking certain medications for conditions such as depression, will end up being wrongly accused. Doctors will also need to be absolutely sure about how long each drug stays in the system, and will need to notify every patient that they prescribe the drugs to.