No vehicle in Nissan’s company history was as expensive as the Nissan GT-R presented in 2007. Nevertheless, the Bolide seems almost as cheap, because would be a caliber like a noble British or Italian manufacturer, would cost the loose 50,000 euros more.

570 hp and all-wheel drive

Because of the engine and the reworked chassis, the 2017er GT-R performs even more impressively. The 3.8-liter biturbo now offers 570 hp instead of 550. The maximum torque grew by 5 to 637 newton meters. The power transmission of the six-stage double clutch transmission was improved just as much as the sound of the bit turbomotor. The titanium sport exhaust system, now fitted as standard, with valve-controlled flap ensures a more balanced sound. The traction improves the four-wheel drive as before. With optimized suspensions and reinforced body structure, higher cornering speeds can be achieved.

The GT-R is available in several variants. In the entry-level version Nissan GT-R the black sports seats are covered with fabric and leather. At some areas of the dashboard, the door trim and the seat backs are inserts made of suede, artificial leather and high quality PVC. In the GT-R Black Edition you sit on black Recaro leather seats with red sidewalls. The door panels are covered with black synthetic and suede leather. In this version, you can also order the optional carbon candy. In the Prestige Edition the GT-R is delivered with full leather equipment and sports seats.

Different delivery dates

From August begins the delivery. The GT-R entry-level model is available at a price of 99,900 euros. The versions GT-R Black and Prestige Edition are available in the price list with 103,450 and 104,650 Euro. The even more sporty versions GT-R NISMO and GT-R Track Edition have to wait a bit. Orders for the GT-R NISMO will be accepted from mid-2016. Deliveries are expected to start in January 2017.