Sony has just made its 2.50 update for its Playstation 4 available to some of its users for a new testing programme, allowing users to get a glimpse of the exciting new features that the update contains. The new PS4 firmware is currently in beta mode, and Sony sent out an email to a number of users inviting them to download the update and test it out. The contents of the email, as well as the different features of the update, have inevitably been leaked on the internet since then.

One of the most exciting new features of the update is something which Sony has been promising since the PS4 was first released. The new firmware contains a true sleep function, meaning that users will be able to suspend games and apps when they partially power down their systems and then easily resume these once they return.

New PS4 Update Available for TestingAnother big improvement is the Share Play function, which enables users to record their gameplay. This has been developed so that the recording refresh rate has increased from 30fps to 60fps. Users will also be able to remap the buttons at a system level, which will help those who are having issues accessing their system, as well as those who are more serious about gaming and want to customise their experience when playing certain games.

Sony’s testing programme is similar to a preview programme that Microsoft used with their Xbox One console, which had very successful results. This could mean that Sony plans to increase the rate at which they develop and release new and improved updates for their systems.